The University of South Alabama Story


The University of South Alabama (USA) was the first North American site outside of Northwestern to install and start using the NOTIS software.  (As noted elsewhere, the National Library of Venezuela preceded USA by about two years.)

The following are four links pertaining to this implementation:

1.    "NOTIS at the University of South Alabama, 1980-1985" is Dr. Charles Lowry's account of the early years of South Alabama's automation efforts.  It was written specifically for the NOTIS History Webpage.  Dr. Lowry was the library director during these years.   

2.    An (April 4, 1981) letter from Dr. Lowry to the USA Library Planning and Advisory Committee, plus,  an (April 5, 1981) letter from Dr. Lowry to John McGowan ;

3.    "NOTIS--The University of South Alabama Libraries' Experience in Automation," Alabama Librarian, January, 1985*

4.    "History of the University Libraries, University of South Alabama" covers the years 1965-2013.  It contains relatively little information specific to NOTIS, but may be of interest to readers desiring a complete picture of the library during these years.

* Note:   Some of the dates in the Alabama Librarian article are incorrect:

       "... in December 1980 the software was shipped from Northwestern ..." should be December 1981; and 

      "Initial loading of the system software was not completed until the Spring of 1985 ..." should be the Spring of 1982.