[Mary Alice:]

Doris Warner was the heart of NOTIS and at a time of exponential growth she helped us to be a happy and healthy organization. My first day on the job, Doris showed up at my desk at 4:00 and said that it was time for me to learn how to play the Fishing Game. It was a kid's game that Randy Menakes had picked up in some airport or another. A few people came over and we chatted and relaxed for a short time and then went back to work. That moment was classic Doris and her generous caring for others. Her attitude was not just something shared with NOTIS employees but with the entire NOTIS family. Customers knew that they were part of that family because of the relationships Doris fostered, from the time they received a bid she had written until long after they were fully up in production. At the NOTIS Users Group, she floated from one person to another, making introductions and fostering collaborations. For me, she was a treasured touchstone that I tried to touch base with regularly even after I had left NOTIS. Most of all I miss Doris's laugh - that embracing, throaty, loving laugh!! Miss you so much, Do!!




And then there was the day, very early in my career at NOTIS when we were all crammed into that one area of NUL, when Doris came back with a new, short haircut and I told her she looked exactly like Jeanne Moreau. Whereupon Doris lit a cigarette (yes, we still SMOKED back then), affected a French New Wave Cinema air, and vamped her way back and forth across the room. She was a HOOT!


I've also never heard anyone--before or since--who had such a perfect telephone manner for business. She was great and is deeply missed. RIP Doris--I hope you're having a ball wherever you may be.